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Did you know that interior painting services under $25,000 can be coordinated by your Building Facility Manager or if none, at your department level? Just use the approved painting vendors who have been vetted for compliance with the University Painting Specifications and with the "Public Works" Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requirements. Note: Contact Facilities Management (949.824.5444) for interior paint jobs over $25,000 or for any exterior paint jobs.

The following tips are designed to assist department personnel in coordinating interior painting services.

1. Call any vendor on the approved list.  You may contact just one vendor or more if you prefer in order to get comparative quotes.

2. The paint vendor will make an appointment to visit the space and inquire about your timeframe.

3. Be prepared to address questions such as:

a. What type of finish do you want (matte, glossy, flat, etc.)

b. How large is the area / how many offices?

c. Would you like the doors painted? Both sides?

d. Do you want all the same color or do you want an accent wall?

e. Is there furniture to move?

i. Do you want the painter to do this?

ii. If so, will they charge a fee? (most will move regular-sized furniture to the middle of the room and cover it at no charge)

f. Are there items on the walls (pictures, shelving, etc.) that need to be removed?

i. Do you want the painter to do this?

ii. If so, will they charge a fee? (Most will move regular-sized items.)

iii. Are these items fragile and thus require special storage?

iv. Will there be any wall repair needed before the painting is done?

1. If needed, the vendor should include the cost in their quote.

g. What is the timeframe when you need this work completed?

i. Can it be done during normal working hours?

ii. If after normal working hours or over the weekend, expect to pay a premium upcharge.

iii. How will the vendor gain access to the space? An employee may need to be here to unlock/relock the building.

h. Do they need help identifying where to park?

i. Transportation and Distribution services can assist if needed.

ii. Most painters already have a vendor permit.

iii. They can also purchase a day pass from the Kiosk.

4. The paint vendor will send you a written quote. (Via email is fine)

5. Complete a KFS requisition and upload the quote in the Notes and Attachment tab. Wait until an approved PO is generated from Procurement.

6. Procurement staff will contact you if there are any issues.  Once the PO is approved, call the paint vendor and schedule the job.

7. Per the practice of your building, notify adjacent offices/floors to anticipate painting in their area.  Although our approved painters use South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) complaint low-VOC materials (e.g., paints, sealants, etc.), some employees may have sensitivities.  Provide your contact information on the notification so occupants with particular concerns can reach you.  You may need to re-schedule work after hours.

a. Modify the Notice of Work sign with applicable information. 

8. Painters should not leave extra paint behind.  The odds of needing it are low and are outweighed by the eventual cost of disposal. 

9. Upon job completion, if the painters leave a mess or don't meet your needs, notify Procurement of you concerns and they will be addressed appropriately.


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