Paint Shop

The Facilities Management Paint Shop is changing the way we do business.  Going forward, our main focus will be on painting the entry floor common space in state funded buildings on campus. Very much like painting the Golden Gate Bridge!

To be successful at this undertaking, we no longer will be taking on recharge paint requests.  To the right is a link to a list of painting vendors that have been vetted for compliance with the University Painting Specifications and compliance with the "Public Works" Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requirements.  Simply call the vendor directly to obtain an estimate.  With estimate in hand, complete the requisition.  Please contact Purchasing and Risk Services directly should you have a question regarding approved paint contractors.

Please complete the requisition and be sure the PO has been awarded prior to the painter performing the work.

Facilities Management strives to offer you the best possible service.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Thank you,

Stephan Fedele
Superintendent, Building Maintenance, Signs, Paint and Roofing

Amy Provorse
Assistant Director, Skilled Trades & Construction Services


Paint Vendors

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Paint Photo