The electrical team members are particularly gratified with their active involvement in energy saving projects.  In 2009 the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published a major update to its electrical safety codes called NFPA 70E. The 2009 standard covers the full range of electrical safety issues, including safety-related work practices, maintenance, special equipment requirements and installation.  We are implementing the new standards campus wide, including the formation of a special High Voltage Electrical Team.  These changes will help ensure continued high standards of excellence and safety serving the campus community.


Electrical Unit List of Services:

  • Provide service and repairs for the campus electrical system: restoring electrical power when needed
  • Maintaining the campus lighting system - street lights, parking lot lights, walkway and building lights: Retrofitting campus lighting, installing energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors for indoor lighting
  • Provide electrical construction services for the campus
  • Provide support for the campus High Voltage System Team


Other Electrical Services Include:

  • Maintenance of the Blue Light Emergency phone system
  • Installation of CAT5 and CAT6 phone and data cable


To request an Electrical Shop Service, please submit an online request to the Facilities Management Services Portal (UCInetID is required).

The Facilities Management Electrical Team