Smoke-Free Policy Implementation Resources

Sept. 12, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We care about the health of our faculty, staff and students. Therefore, UC Irvine is going smoke free. The implementation of this policy will take the cooperation of our entire campus community.

The policy, a fact sheet about it, promotional design templates and a marketing bug that can be placed on departmental websites and social media sites such as Facebook, as well as additional resources, may be found at the Smoke-Free Policy website. Please share this information with your department.

Communication of this change will begin with a four-week campuswide promotional campaign starting Welcome Week. A second phase will occur during the entire month of January 2014, as the policy takes effect. During these periods, efforts to promote compliance will include the installation of signs and banners throughout the main campus; banners on all four parking structures; advertisements in the campus newspaper; announcements on key electronic message boards; and a ZotMail to the campus community.

Smoking cessation resources will be available on an ongoing basis for those who request assistance. The UC Irvine Health Education Center will provide printed resources and other cessation information for students affected by this policy; UC Irvine Worklife and Wellness Program will provide the same resources for faculty and staff. The California Smoker's Helpline at 1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-662-8887) is available to all members of the campus community, including visitors, who want to learn about its services. Links to information about these and other cessation resources may be found on the Resources page.

Recognizing that specific areas of the campus may be more prone to attracting people who smoke, members of the Smoke-Free Policy Task Force are available to meet should you or members of your team have further questions about the implementation of this policy. If you want additional signage, banners or posters for your facility, please contact Dan Crout at or 949-824-4871.

Thank you for joining in this effort to improve the health of our UC Irvine community.


Smoke-Free Policy Task Force