Plants Rising From the Ashes

Creativity and ingenuity are necessary qualities for those who seek to protect our planet and environment. With on project completed by ASUCI's Garden Commission, our earth is now a litte greener.

ASUCI's Garden Commission

  When UCI Went smoke-free in January 2014, Facilities Management removed 161 ashtrays from our main campus.

  One year later....

  A volunteer team of students created a home for 30 unused ashtrays by repurposing them as planters. Now, instead of being full of ash and cigarette butts, these ashtrays contain green and thriving plants, such as   cacti and succulents.

  These beautified, repurposed ashtrays are now at home in the "Ants in Your Plants" Garden, located next to the Anteater Recreation Center in the Arroyo Vista Housing Amphitheater.


Ashtray Planters