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Storm Response

While we welcome the rain, with it comes challenges. During the huge Pacific storm that hit Friday, February 17, the campus experienced damage that included approximately 38 toppled trees, including six that fell onto roadways, and approximately 29 reported leaks in buildings. With help from Facilities Management, Campus Police, Transportation & Distribution, and many others who worked long hours during the storm, as well as the many UCI staff who reported problems, we were able to respond quickly to address leaks and remove trees and branches out of roads and pathways.

Thanks go out to the all the Facilities Management, Campus Police, Transportation & Distribution employees, and many others, for going above and beyond during the storm.

Maintaining Our Facilities - Campus Renewal and Infrastructure Improvement

As our campus ages, so do our buildings. It is critical that we invest in our infrastructure. All the equipment and building systems within our facilities have a useful life. When we run these building systems past their useful life, we see failures. We are pleased to share that over the past four years, our campus has become very proactive in campus renewal and infrastructure improvement.

In 2013, our campus invested $20 million in campus renewal and infrastructure improvement. With this initial funding, we repaired and replaced failing roofs (Information and Computer Science roof shown below), utility systems, safety systems, roads, plazas and much more. In 2015, the campus invested an additional $32 million to continue these efforts. More than 40 projects have been completed and another 45-plus projects are currently underway.

The campus is planning to fund another round of improvements in 2017 so we can continue to replace failing building systems and equipment.

Campus Appearance

With spring approaching and thousands of visitors set to visit our campus, Facilities Management is asking for your assistance in maintaining an attractive, clean and safe campus environment. Please assist us by identifying any landscape, custodial, or maintenance problems that require attention.

We appreciate your interest and pride in our campus and we will make every reasonable effort to improve the items you identify. Please forward your comments, observations, or suggestions via email at fmavc@uci.edu.

2017 RecycleMania Tournament

It's that time of the year again! It's time for RecycleMania! For the past six years, UCI has been competing in the RecycleMania competition with hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the nation and Canada. During the eight-week tournament, schools demonstrate their skills at waste minimization, recycling, and organics program. The goal of RecycleMania is to create a fair and friendly competition, while raising awareness and improving recycling, reuse, and composting. UCI has been one of the leading schools, placing in the top 10 in the Grand Champion and Gorilla categories for the past six years. This year, we are off to a good start, placing within the top five during pre-season competition. Our goal is to place in the top 10 again this year!

Meet the New Face of the Service Desk Team

Please welcome Miguel Rodriquez (left) to the Facilities Management Service Desk Team! Miguel started in Temp Services and proved to be an extremely hard working and dependable employee. Miguel makes an excellent addition and we are very excited to have him.

    Submit a Facilities Management Request by:
  • Calling our customer service representatives at the Service Desk at (949) 824-5444 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or
  • Submitting an online request to the Facilities Management Services Portal (UCInetID is required) at service.fac.uci.edu or
  • Calling the Service Desk at (949) 824-5444 or Central Plant at (949) 824-5520 for an after-hours emergency

The Facilities Management Maintenance Funding Guide can help answer questions regarding services we provide. This list differentiates between services that are centrally funded (paid for by state funds) for state-supported space and those services that are charged to the requesting unit. This list also provides a prioritization of services to help assist you in managing expectations for the work we provide. The Guide can be found at fm.uci.edu/files/maintenance_funding_guide.pdf.