Associate Vice Chancellor's Message

Thank you for your interest in Facilities Management.

Facilities Management's principal goal is to support the campus' mission by maintaining and operating the buildings and acreage that comprise UC Irvine. In doing so, we strive to create an environmentally pleasurable atmosphere that ensures the health and safety of the campus community as well as our visitors.

We keep the campus buildings and grounds clean and functional - all with careful attention to safety and aesthetics inside and out. With 1,475 acres, more than 200 buildings, 12 miles of road, 60 parking lots, and 24,000 trees, our facilities staff works hard and I am proud to work with them.

One of our highest priorities is to enhance the partnership between Facilities and the campus operating units. With your help, we can leverage our resources to provide the highest levels of support to our community. I urge you to contact me directly with your thoughts, suggestions, or opportunities, at

Another priority is to support sustainable practices. Sustainability refers to the conservative and wise use of finite, natural resources with a view towards long-term priorities. One of our major ongoing efforts is to reduce the campus' greenhouse gas emissions by incorporating energy conservation and efficiency in our operations. In addition, we introduce green building components into our renovation projects, focus attention on recycling as a means of diverting waste from landfills, and implement environmentally sound infrastructure upgrades. Our energy team's current focus on the Strategic Energy Plan is one of the more visible aspects of our commitment to energy savings and sustainability.

Next time you are on campus, please take an extra moment to reflect on and enjoy your surroundings.

Marc A. Gomez
Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management / Environmental Health & Safety
University of California Irvine

Marc Gomez